O2-BOO2ST ® - Activated Oxygen

A Mineral and Oxygen Dietary Supplement

Stabilized Oxygen Every Day Promotes Good Health In Every Way !

The Stabilized Oxygen Answer
for Optimum Health and Energy!

Give me Oxygen !
Oxygen (O2) = Life

Oxygen is the source of life energy to all cells in the body. Decreased oxygen in the environment, polluted air, poor food choices, lack of exercise, stress, and shallow breathing are among the factors that contribute to a chronic lack of oxygen in our cells. When our body is oxygen deficient, vital nutrients from food and nutritional supplements cannot be metabolized effectively, and toxins and pollutants cannot be properly oxidized and eliminated.

"Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system."
Steven A. Levine, Ph.D. & Paris M. Kidd, Ph.D.
Antioxidant Adaptation

Empirical scientific evidence proves that oxygen deficiency is linked to a vast variety -- if not all -- health problems and disease.

Within a short time, you may notice the benefits, including increased energy and stamina, strengthened immunity, improved digestion and respiration clearer thinking, and reduced mental fatigue.

Oxygen for greater stamina and endurance

"If the body is being starved of oxygen, then to avoid illness, the oxygen must be supplemented by nutritional supplements such as stabilized oxygen."
John Muntz, D.O., Ph.D.
The Case for Stabilized Oxygen

Experience what a difference increased oxygen can do for you! Stabilized oxygen could significantly improve the quality of your life!